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is pictures by google's street view. the images capture sites of america where rates of poverty and unemployment are high and educational opportunities are slim. photographs from a new american picture were included in the new photography 2011 exhibition at mona in new york. and also has been seen at exhibitions at la ball in paris and pier 21 here in san francisco. a monograph was published in 2011. and it is represented by local galleries and sf galleries would like to thank steven orts and the staff for the support of this event. we asked doug to speak today in order to draw threads from his work until asketon has street view which is currently on view in the gallery. doug i will turn it over to you. >> thanks for coming. i appreciate it. i am looking forward to giving you some details on this. i have 15 minutes, so i am not going to talk about all of them. there are so many layers of consideration to this and each of these areas could sort of veer off into its own talk and so i am going to talk to some of the things that may overlap with aaron's work. and i want to go throug
will start with violence in egypt. bret stephens and peter beinart disagree as usual. >>> then, is america overregulated? does the government have altogether too much of a say in how we live our lives? i'll ask the man who put many of the obama administration's regulations in place, cass c sunstein. >>> also underneath the violence, is the arab world the new start-up society? that's what an american venture capitalist believes. and while we're at innovation, is north korea going to beat apple at its own game? obviously no, but i will explain. >>> but first, here's my take. if there is one crisis that both the american left and right agree is real, it is of declining mobility. the american dream is at heart that someone no matter his or her background can make it in this country. a few weeks ago, four economists at harvard and the university of california at berkeley released a path-breaking study of mobility within the united states. and last week, the "journal of economic perspectives" published a series of essays tackling the question from an international perspective. the research is ca
. >> (inaudible) this is so obama's america. concerned moms and dads reacted angry on line and they should. there was a campaign against the a d. jc penney released the at the same time our intent was not to trivialize bullying. we are committed to have a range of styles for kids to express individuality and did that while punching a baby in the face. yes, a baby. you know who doesn't need friends? dogs who play fetch by themselves. ♪ that is really out. but you know it is really lonely. after all of that, welcome to the program. would you call reaction to the a d over reaction or underreaction or perhaps an avcaddo. >> i don't so it at all. they take me on a shopping spre in jc penney and i never seen the clots and things i neverine opened and they have interesting clothes going on there. >> i love jc penney and some of the mannequins are alluring and many times i am escorted out after perhaps on on >> how do you have rom on on room in your apartment for those mannequins. >> when i dress them like guests on redeye. >> oh, no. >> you should see the terry mannequin. someone who is often
to the scientists and allowed america to take the lead and develop the atomic bomb. by the time the bombs were dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki the british role in all of this have been completely forgotten. the sad part of the story is later in his life churchill who was kind of dismissed with nuclear technology throughout his career as a politician suddenly becomes aware of how destructive and how dangerous it is existentially. he only had that realization 20 years earlier it would have reshaped what became a nuclear arms locally. at the time i think he was just really unaware of the potentiality of atomic energy and dismissed it and kept saying i'm very happy with explosives we are to have. >> lara heimert a lot of the conversation here at bookexpo america this year is about e-books still. does basic have been approached to e-books? have they been helpful to your business? >> we love e-books. we love it when people have more ways to read books and what we find is a lot of people toggle between the two. they don't become exclusive e-book readers and don't assert their bookshelves. i use my
.m. eastern here on c- span. ," ours weeks "newsmakers guest is the ceo of heritage action for america. he talks about his organization's agenda and its position on issues pertaining to health care and immigration. here's a preview. [video clip] >> in this environment right now, it is very difficult to handle immigration the way we should be. which is bypassing piecemeal pieces of legislation, getting the border secure. we also have a gigantic imbalance between labor supply and labor demand. all of those questions do not require amnesty. you can get all of the economic benefits that people talk about in fixing our broken immigration system without giving amnesty at this time. that is the position we support. unfortunately in this environment right now, the moment something passes the house, the pressure on immigration, which has dissipated over the last couple of weeks and months, will immediately be back in the forefront. >> you can watch the entire interview with michael needham of heritage action form for america on newsmakers -- on "newsmakers" sunday at 10:00 a.m. eastern and 6:00 p.m
>>> a chaotic day at the america's cup in san francisco after two sailors go overboard. >>> it's been a violent 24 hours in oakland. we'll have the latest on a double homicide last flight and a shooting today in broad -- last night and a shooting today in oakland. >>> and 13 stories of concrete crashes down and now cal bay east bay's warren hall is just a pile of rubble. what scientists hope to learn from this. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken pritchett. >>> well, another mishap in the race for the america's cup as two sailors are thrown overboard this hour on a windy and choppy bay. jade hernandez joins us live with the condition on the sailors and hue the races will go -- and how the races will go on. >> reporter: we're live at the marina. today, spectators saw the most dramatic action here just a few hours ago. >> as they make the turn, look at the acceleration. >> reporter: some spectators called it scary. you are watching the emirates team. during a sharp turn, two crew members went overboard. both men suffered only bumps and bruises. >> the safet
like it. >> what does it say about america and the economy and the world? . well said. no idea. >> and that seems to be universal thought in the beach bar. we have a lot of drinks and we don't care what you are saying. and that is every now and then. you are skin and bones. >> and i am drinking it all of the time. we love you. >> and we learned a lot and a side order. >> no, thanks. >> judging from your hat you like america. what does this is a about america. >> times are changing. budweiser is not made in america no more. >> david bouy said it is time to rearrange. >> and that was the brady kids. >> that was before my time. available on any coloadian. >> bore before liquor and never thicker. >> sex is quicker. >> you know what budweiser stands for. >> no. >> because you deserve what every individual should enjoy regularly. and you know what makes me regular bud wiser. >> bore sales are down and woin and liquor sales are up. what does that say about obama's america? >> i guess they want to drink beer. >> you prefer beer, why is that? >> i am a fan of beer and not a woin. my mom
a time of tightening budgets. live at 9:30 a.m. eastern. the new america foundation examines electronic surveillance and human rights with access now, an organization that focuses on individual's access to the internet and their right to privacy. that is live at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. former secretary of state clinton clinton speaking about voting rights, and u.s. supreme court's decision to strike down part of the voting rights act. she she accepted the american bar association's ada metal -- in the causevice of american justice. from san francisco, this is 35 minutes. [applause] >> thank you, thank you very much. thank you all very much. thank you. [applause] thank you very much. thank you, mr. bellows, mr. chairman, members of the house of delegates, incoming president, friends and colleagues, long time members of the aba. i am so deeply grateful to you for this award. i am humbled by those who have received it in the past. to join their company, and in some small measure, to continue the work that the aba has championed. i know that earlier you're from you heard from attorney
the important moment. and moment of outrage for me in slow motion. >> (inaudible) this is so obama's america. concerned moms and dads reacted angry on line and they should. there was a campaign against the a d. jc penney released the at the same time our intent was not to trivialize bullying. we are committed to have a range of styles for kids to express individuality and did that while punching a baby in the face. yes, a baby. you know who doesn't need friends? dogs who play fetch by themselves. ♪ that is really out. but you know it is really lonely. after all of that, welcome to the program. would you call reaction to the a d over reaction or underreaction or perhaps an avcaddo. >> i don't so it at all. they take me on a shopping spre in jc penney and i never seen the clots and things i neverine opened and they have interesting clothes going on there. >> i love jc penney and some of the mannequins are alluring and many times i am escorted out after perhaps on on >> how do you have rom on on room in your apartment for those mannequins. >> when i dress them like guests on redeye. >> oh, n
, what we associate with the socialist leading liberal democracies in europe and more and more in america. i turn that soft liberalism. that is what we're going to focus on today. in order to understand the claims it will have to do a history of liberalism. wishing to fair worshiping the state is a history of liberalism as a blueprint for a bigger history that we need to sort out all of the confusions that we find. so i'm going to try to provide a clear understanding of what liberalism is in its essence. actress it back 500 years to machiavelli as the founder of modern liberalism. so we need to do a lot of history to understand. when we look at the roots of modern liberalism, what we find is said to a movement which the fis will liberalism really has been over the centuries in one form or another, simultaneously a rejection of christianity because it occurs within the christian context, and the simultaneous embrace of this world as the highest bid. of this material world as our ultimate and only home. now, liberals in america today are the intellectual heirs of this twofold desire or free
130 hijackings in america. sometimes at a rate of more than one a week. sometimes two a day. i was looking for a story i could explore more deeply. i was looking for people who have been fugitives from years after hijacking planes. i was looking at the list of people who are still on the run, and it was pretty much an all-male crew. sunday i saw this one woman's name, cathy kerkow, a 21 year woman from small town in oregon. i was just intrigued. i thought what would make this 20 year old woman turned her back on everything she had ever known to hijack a plane to a foreign country and never be able to come home again? so that kind became a four-year obsession for me, a long journey to tell that story. i'm going to start by telling not about her story and the story of her accomplice, a more about the general history of hijacking in america. as she started in 1961 was the first hijacking in america, may 1, 1961. a cuban exile with out a statement on the miami to key west flight and told the pilot that he wanted to go to havana to warn the dell cast about an assassination attempt.
. >> at the americas cup, there is supposed to be two races and there was just one. what we saw was full of chills.o we have a report coming up. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university. and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall. this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at devry.edu. . >>> continues moments for americas cup. we have more from the americas cup park with the latest on the most dramatic day yet. >> if each day of the louis vuitton cup finals, than the challenger may be spent or borrowing new equipment. the strained start by high wind exceeding the 19 knot limit. they worked a dagger board and once the race began, the dagger board failed them, rendering the race a lost cause. they would not finish. new zealand while completing the course found themselves in a frightening scenario. they were digging int
america that are conducting experiments. out of the scientific public system. so this physician is saying ok we have patients who get recovered but when we take a look at the scientific publications, we don't find much information. so they are anticipating to doing something that hasn't been well document bid science. if we get some opinions, i don't know if what 81 years old you could be the right candidate so you should contact one of these doctors. perhaps she's -- i don't know if she is a candidate but i should tell that you have to be careful with the because there are many physicians and apprentices that offer you something that perhaps they cannot really offer you. and they say they are going to cure something. and people are so distressed because it's a business. and now we hear from the question. what's your question? >> yes. good afternoon. i want to congratulate you for this program. i have a four-year-old son and he suffers from allergies and he has had asthma attacks. and what worries me now is that i don't know if it is simple. his ears get red and itchy and burn. but he has
now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >>> a scary start to the first race of the america's cup challenger finals in san francisco bay. one boat stalls on racecourse and another into the water. >> i'm ken pritchett in for ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> two sailors thrown into san francisco bay after their catamaran nose-dived at 46 miles per hour. bringing back memories of another america's cup accident that killed a cure member. jade hernandez live in san francisco. >> reporter: heather, today's race was supposed to be about the speed and skill of 72' catamarans on the bay, but instead it was about two teams trying to survive. both teams racing in the louis vuitton final cups struggled on the water. emirate's team new zealand was caught in a sharp turn, throwing two crew members overboard. >> all of a sudden it crashes. >> i was more worried about the people who fell over. both men pulled to safety only suffered bumps and bruises. >> it was quite a welcome to america's cup. >> reporter: these spectators weren't expecting the dramatic excitement. >> the safety
wen, and what happened when chaz brought wen to the miss america pageant, and turned pageant girls into wen girls. right now is the best time ever to give up your ordinary shampoo and try wen, because you can get 33 percent more cleansing conditioner and stay tuned to see how you can get the new wen travel kit absolutely free. this is our best deal ever. ♪ >> i'm sitting here with my friend chaz dean. chaz, so, i've been using wen for two years, right? and i just wanna say thank you, right off the bat-- >> you're welcome. >> --i just wanna thank you for my hair, because it was not like this before i started using wen. and, you know, being in the industry, they would fry my hair with, you know, with bad product, and using horrible irons. and it got so bad that i actually had to cut my hair off. >> i remember that. >> yeah. >> and people think you're doin' it--they probably think you're doin' it for the style, but they don't realize you're doing it 'cause of all the damage. >> exactly. >> and it's funny you say that, because i look back at all the celebrities that are out there on
>>> good morning, america. this morning, wildfires raging out west. and as far north as alaska. the out-of-control walls of flames and smoke forcing evacuations and threatening homes, including those of the rich and famous. this morning, we are in the danger zone. >>> diana's death. 16 years after the princess died tragically in a car accident, could there really be new information about her death? what scotland yard is saying about new conspiracy claims. >>> on the attack. hungry bears going on the hunt attacking people. but why now? the frightening bear aggression on the rise, forcing one mauling victim's dramatic rescue from the alaska wilderness. >>> and toy story. the little boy who couldn't win the prize inside the claw machine crawls in instead. >> stop it. don't move. >> how did he get in there? and what his mom did to him when he finally got out. >> that mom was not a happy camper in that shot. but the boy seemed to be having a lot of fun. good morning, america, dan harris is on assignment this weekend. nice to have dan abrams back in. >> good morning to you. it's sund
and frisk in new york but about a broader conversation about policing in america, and indeed, this debate about racial profiling that has grown more intense because of the trayvon martin case as well. so, case in point, you've got judge shichein lynn in new york ruling that the stop and frisk policy in new york has violated the constitutional rights of minorities and here's part of her opinion. the city's highest officials, she writes, "have turned a blind eye to the evidence that officers are conducting stops in a racially discriminatory manner. in their zeal to defend a policy they believe to be effective, they have willfully ignored overwhelming proof that the policy of targeting the right people is racially discriminatory and therefore violates the united states constitution." you strongly disagree. why? >> i do strongly disagree. this case cries out for appeal. the judge has indicted the entire new york city police department, 35,000 officers, of racial profiling on the flimsiest of evidence. you look at the expert for the plaintiff and what he found. he looked at 4.4 million stops o
that there were special events that san francisco will often do. whether it be the america's cup, sunday games, giants streets they will wake up for the car that is typically legally parked on this their street and find out they can't get it back but for a $500 fibromyalgiav. i protionx posed to the public if your community can help us figure out an app so if i provided my cell phone to city government, we can let you know if the street cleaning is going to happen tomorrow. we propose this had last year. mayor lee was supportive. we're still waiting for it to happen, idea number one. idea number two, my constituents ask me can you tell us where every single dollar in city government goes? whether it goes to an individual, nonprofit, someone providing goods and services in our city? last year i proposed an open budget application so that we could drill down and know where every single penny of city government is being spent. i want to thank our budget director who is here, our city controller. we are working on this, but we are still months away from getting the data that we need to provide thi
religions in america, that is islam just a religion? well, we had to ask him who is the perfect muslim? it is obviously mohammed. muslims want to be like mohammed. mohammed goes through three stages. the first stage, mohammed is a religious leader in mecca and only makes 70 cumbersome 12 years and he gets chased out of town. and then mohammed goes to a jewish city 210 mouse to the north cold medina. they rejected his faith and so he goes into the minority neighborhood meetings to organize the following and he becomes a political leader. and then mohammed's followers get a little pushy, argumentative threatening to get chased out for disturbing the peace and mohammed allows his followers to rob the caravans headed back to mecca in retaliation for the mac is just an amount. there's two sets of verses in the koran. those revealed in mecca, which are more peaceful and religious and those revealed in medina, which are political and military and the later one supersede earlier ones. in 624 a.d., and i can send a thousand soldiers to protect their turf and then mohammed with 300 defeats them
today in the america's cup. plus, giants and a's. sports is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. . >>> giants and marlins tonight. cane pitched 7 innings and the giants. and colon headed to the 15-day disabled list with a strained left groin. the all star righty hurt himself yesterday. tommy malone, tonight's starter against cleveland, that game at the colosseum, it just was not a crowd pleaser. oakland losing 7-1. one and a half games between the al west leading texas rangers. >>> and some scary moment in the america's cup opener today. new zealand tore its tarp and two men went over board. new zealand went on to beat italy's luna rosa. >> and brian, thunder showers? >> maybe monday and tuesday. >> all right. we'll keep an eye on that. from all of us he
>> booktv has been traveling the country exploring cities across america as our local content vehicle producers talk with authors and visit special collections and independent bookstores. .. a photographer or, who was a modern-day rickey allying walker evans, we pulled off to the side of the road, came up over the road attracts, across this dirt road here, posthumous vineyard with hold up to shack. basically a tar paper shack. as we walked up we could see there were rabbit furs that had been, that were hammered onto the wall. remember knocking once, twice i've misplaced the sun still in the door creak open and there stood this black man, who looked a cute lifted out of the mrs. a 1930s. he had a stutter. later he told us he can't bless with a stutter one state at a time. his name is james dixon. he was 95 and he was living here, happy to send the 40s. he was part of this migration? who did something no blacks in america, kind of win against the grain of the great migration. the great migration within the south to north industrial cities and came west to oakland san francisco a
in voting access in america? >> what the evidence shows, paul, is that black voter tresi 1996 -- they've been increasing even in those -- even as more and more states have been passing voter i.d. laws. they're some of the strictest in the country in places like indiana and georgia and tennessee. in 2012, black voter turnout in those states exceeded white voter turnout. last year's election it exceeded white voter turnout for the first time in history snimt what magnitudes are you talking about? 2/3 of african-american voted. over 66% in 2012 and the white voter turn out is 6 4? >> it was lower. >> what is the trend? you mentioned the trend since 1996. this is all census bureau data. >> you mentioned hillary in 2016. but i think this particular part of it might have been directed at next year's elections. the midterm elections. what is going on here is that democrats are worried that without barack obama on the ballot, that black voter turnout may be down. i think this is an attempt to scare blacks to the polls by claiming that republicans are trying to -- >> so there's politics going
it -- america's fastest, most reliable internet takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music. once i realized how fast it was, that's when i got it. [ male announcer ] and now you can get it too, for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for 2 years, plus your choice of a $300 amazon.com gift card or a $300 visa prepaid card with a 2-year agreement. technology that makes life more entertaining, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800.974.6006 tty/v. >> welcome back to sports extrao the road continues to cause troubles for dc use use nighted. they have yet to win a game this season. they have eight defees and three draws tonight it would not be any easier as a play off contenter in the upon try yawl impact. tonight dc use needed was this mon tree crawl. they're trailing 1-0 in the second half. this is a analystty set-up and the black and red tie it up atp one and have a little life after all. maybe they would get their first road win. lightning strikes the other way. marco would net the game winner. i guess the air is hot
city and urban centers across america including here in milwaukee, wisconsin. policing is difficult enough. we ask our officers to do this with hand tied behind their back. this decision is not grounded in a sort of legal basis. now tying the other hand behind these men and women and not only new york city but across america. they go out and put their lives on the line in doing so. this becomes a cliche after a while when i hear the racial profiling charges against law enforce am. i have been in law enforcement for 35 years and hearing it for a long time. any time the claim is made, they had no factual basis. here comes that cliche again. i heard the thing earlier about some former convicts and former criminal inmate trying to give advice on how law enforcement should police is like a cat taking advice from a mouse on how to catch mice. that's the last group of people i would take advice from. if they have inside, most law enforcement are open to the ideas, but like i mentioned, they really -- gun buy back programs and walking around with signs and saying stop the violence, as mobil
. we weren't going to start the story with che on his motorcycle trip in 1952 going around but america where he discovers horrific poverty and changes his course from being a doctor to a revolutionary. we weren't going to take you into the mountains where he is fighting alongside castro to overthrow -- what we wanted to do was drop you in bolivia in 1967 show you what bolivia was like, what the united states policy was like, why we feared che so much about ridiculous point and kevin you can fill us in from here. [applause] one thing before kevin starts, any time anybody has a question please feel free to interrupt us. don't wait until the end. just pepper us with questions. >> we initially started this narrative we were going to look at che is a point of view character. we thought he might be an interesting way. we were picking out people to drive the story and we thought che that has to be one and that was a struggle because there's so much written. the che reading list i had about him was 12 or 15 books. the books that we had on the green berets and intelligence guys was two or three
in america. and they showed me the books they bought and i want to say marcus bookstore would you get rid of a gold mine. it's beneficial to all people. i bought my first black. and so they have a little library. thank you for supporting this bookstore don't get rid of it >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> how is it going. this bookstore has been part of the history of san francisco it's part of the history of the filing more community it runs after school programs. it's hosted events with speakers like rosa parks and danny glover and ophra winphrey. we have to take a moment to the local. they need this bookstore. i ask that the board of supervisors look at this situation and do what they can to encourage the spectaculars to sell the building back. >> thank you. next speaker, please i'd like to thank the board for supporting the resolution. i'm appreciative of supporting the black community as a whole. i know you all have seen a lot of me. but marcus books has been a part of my life and i went to school with colleagues. so for me, you, you know, marcus books has been a place to ge
and meet that challenge than the lawyers of america, and particularly the american bar association. thank you all very much. [applause] >> tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern time we will have the town hall meeting from emily's list, electing the -- electing a woman as president. here's a preview. this may be semantics, but how do we make women's issues men's issues? issues,ic platform independent, it seems to me that we are still locked into partisan arguments. >> i would not be here if it weren't for independent voters in missouri. it is about one third, one third, one third. there is 30% that would not vote for me no matter what and there is a third that would vote for me no matter what. there is this middle. most of those folks in the middle are perfectly willing to vote for a republican or a democrat. they like compromise and moderation. i do think that one of the things we need to do is make withwe are communicating independent voters across this country. we have put on our hats of being a political party first. we are going to lose voters. we have a wonderful opportunity in this country.
happening in america right now, a frightening amount of bear attacks. >> hikers, hunters and others are face to face with the hungry creatures preparing for hibernation. linzie janis has this story. >> reporter: this morning an alaska hunter is recovering after being brutally mauled by a brown bear. it all happened nearly 300 miles from civilization. it was an elaborate operation in an area so remote, rescuers needed to refuel their helicopter in mid-air just to get to him, more than 36 hours after the attack. it's at least the fifth bear attack in the u.s. in just three days. in michigan, 12-year-old abigail was going for a jog late thursday night when she too came face-to-face with a bear. >> she saw the bear out of the corner of her eye, started running and he came up behind her and knocked her down. >> reporter: in mere moments -- >> two large gashes along her thigh. she was bleeding quite a bit. >> reporter: the hunt is on with officials scattering traps. >> they will aggressively take care of this problem so this bear does not do it again. >> reporter: and in yellowstone national park,
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shut the government down than continue to shut america down. >> it's not a bad thing at all. >> shut up, will you? >> this is political blackmail. that's what they are doing. >> you look them in the eye and you say, what is your positive replacement for obama care. they will have zero answer. >> that's not true. i've had an answer. >> they don't have a product to sell. >> it's not a bad thing at all. >> they are not rehabilitating. they a they are retrenching. >> i don't know why senator paul's so out of whack about this. >> the party's big enough for both of us. >> a healthy family debate is not a bad thing at all. >> i worked on my hair a long time and you hit it. >>> we've got a lot to get to today as egypt's interim cabinet met to discuss a way forward following bloody days of conflict. first, president obama heads to new york and pennsylvania to promote education as an engine of economic growth. he's not the only one hitting the road in the days ahead. chris crossing the country to build support for a plan to defund oak care by shutting down the government. it may still be obvious,
with with the bad private health care in america. that's not me saying it although i have often said it. more on me later, my favorite subject. now back to the senate majority leader and what he was saying when asked about whether he was actually working to scrap our present health care basis. >> we are far from having something that will work. >> eventually, you think we'll work beyond -- >> yes. >> did you hear that? good buy health insurance, hello government-run health care. don't say i didn't warn you. >> when i was covering the debate on the hill this was ultimately the goal anyway. even though some democrats expressed disappointment that we didn't end getting a single payer system it was a trojan horse deal ultimately leading to that. >> enough about me. back to my panelists who want to congratulate me. by the way they were also in on this themselves and their smarty pants in their own right, they saw a lot of this coming. take a look. >> ultimately, that's the game plan. to say single payer system. that's going to be a disaster. >> with the public plan, what it's going
or have a submarine, no matter what it is, we have to talk about the issue of drugs in america. it is a violent place when you have armed cartel members bringing drugs across the border into our country. i do not excuse any action that took place on any of the incidents he declared. to some health think it is not dangerous when cartel members are bringing drugs into this country is not an adequate reading of the situation on the border. i have visited all the time. i think the answer to the border patrol is technology. i think you have a point about additional border patrol. one of the things we need more of is customs people so we can expedite traffic back and forth. there are some of us here old enough to remember we used to be able to walk across and have lunch in nogales and walked back. think about doing that today. you bring up problems on the border, and with this surveillance capability, we will be able to keep people back, and then we will be able to send these teams out. finally, the coyotes. we know these coyotes are the worst scum-of-the-earth people, and they are b
they may be overdone at times. america needs to know when tests are appropriate, they should be done. we have this technology. i'm concerned that under obama care actually, things like this may not be done often enough. stents should be done when needed. in this case, it was needed. that's the lesson here. if you don't know the facts, don't speculate. >> dr. mark siegel, thank you. good to see you. >> jim, should we expect more media coverage sort of touting the benefits of obama care? >> i think that's a clear case. they're so desperate, this is in the "washington post" editorial piece, so desperate to make obama care work, according to projections, not going to cost a lot of money they're willing to forfeit people's lives on the projection. >> what does this have to do with whether obama care works or not, this is the stent operation. forbes magazine asked the same question. >>> next on news watch, are the media failing at covering events in egypt in? >>> clashes in egypt as the military crackdown on opposition adding more chaos in that country. is the situation there too challenging a
. they raised over $4000 for their cause. the women's ambulance defense corps of america that w. dcaa was another one. they had 54 chapters across the country that included motorcycle and helper units. they were military trained and they knew jujitsu. they are known as the glory gals and they -- their motto was the hell we can't. the red cross offered opportunities for civilians to volunteer for the war effort. the group organized blood drives and trained nurse aides and grande clubs where members of the armed forces could relax and socialize both in the united states and oversees. african-american women served oversees with the red cross around the globe. helen dickson kaine caused a sensation when she reported for duty along the al kam highway in march 1943. hazel was an assistant director of the red cross club assistant eco-'s women were not directors. only men could be directors. she worked by the dawson creek british columbia. she was the only woman at the club and served the 95th engineers, the group of engineers who built the highway across canada and alaska. when she arrived s
throughout america. any police jurisdiction. you have to do it. officers have to have the right of inquiry. if they see some suspicious behavior. >> so, jackie, new york city michael bloomberg is blasting the judge's decision and the city is appealing. how do you see this play out >> hard to say. it's a very polar wrizing issue. one thing that is clear this will extend beyond mayor bloomberg's tenure. you heard some say things need to change. there's only one that said they want to abolish it completely. but christine came out on friday saying the city council won't do anything to fight this judge's opinion. so it seems like reform is coming, but we just don't know what it will look like. >> jim, another angle here because the president of the naacp, ben jealous reacting on "meet the press." here's that. >> we're now at a point where you have more stop-and-frisk of young black men in new york city than there are young black and men in new york city. that's why charles blow said and while the judge quoted him in saying it's like burning down the house to rid it of mice. >> so what do you ma
over your shoulder. >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. our intelligence is focused on above all finding the information necessary to protect our people and in many cases protect our allies. >> rod is the former director of the national cyber security center. is the message here we shouldn't put anything sensitive in e-mail or online, there is no expectation for privacy in what we do in a very technology driven world? >> sure. anything you put online is definitely at risk. i'll say that. you can make some choices better than others to try protect your privacy. if you're e-mailing online you are taking a risk that could be disclosed. >> we've all done it, gone through pages and pages of conditions for new software and click accept. that's what happened in this episode. >> what are you going to do to us? >> everything you agreed to in the itunes conditions. >> we didn't read them. >> right. who just agrees to something they don't read. we get the point. a rt of people do that. we know a lot of people do every time facebook or google changes its service. so f
. >>> plus, men overboard. the quest to win america's cup takes a dangerous turn while cameras are rolling. >>> as egypt is on the brink, growing debate with u.s. lawmakers over whether to continue to provide the increasingly unstable nation with hundreds of millions of your tax dollars. arizona republican senator john mccain who originally supported that, pulled an about face saying to stop the money, believing our credibility is at risk. >> we thought at that particular time it was not the right thing to do because we wanted to give them opportunity to get back on the path to democracy. obviously not the case. when you threaten it and not do it, then you lose credibility and influence. >> meantime, connecticut democratic senator richard blumenthal says the crisis in egypt is complicated and that we should condition our military aid on key goals to restoring order. >> i think the approach has to be to condition future aid on specific steps toward rule of law and return to democracy respect for minorities and women. >> and more bloodshed in egypt today. at least 38 muslim brotherhood suppo
ahead, "america's got talent" next round will feature two kids, two amazing dancers. they really are. ages 9 and 10. this morning they're going to show some of their moves as they prepare again for the next round of "america's got talented." we're anxiously awaiting being entertained by them. >> they haven't been together very long, by the way. less than a year i think. >> no, not very long. and her brother is also in it. family rival. >>> this is your last day temporarily. you are coming back. >> please always finish the sev sentence that i'm coming back. >> you'll probably be back next week right after you pop out the baby. >> we're going to try to give you some advice. >>> but first dylan has another check of our weather. >>> a lot of expensive equipment out here so really hoping the rain holds off. we have this woman over here. she's a trooper. everyone else she is with is sleeping. my brother is here from seattle and is sleeping. his one chance to see me and he's sleeping. thanks for coming on down here. a couple of light showers in the northeast today. nothing too heavy about b
how christie is bad for america and a phony on a lot of different reasons but this is the last reason and this is the kicker. >> my favorite football team is not the new york giants. it's not the new york jets. and it's not -- and it's not the philadelphia eagles. no. get ready now. my favorite football team are the dallas cowboys. >> well, i tell you what, never trust a cowboy fan from new jersey, right? you know, i'm going to save you the trouble of blaming me for playing the race card. full disclosure tonight, i'm going to play the race card, okay? so don't waste any breath or time or efforts and say ed schultz is playing the race card but i am because race is important. it is a very important topic. it is huge to this country if we're going to move forward we have to have these conversations so i'm going to play the race card. if the president of the united states acted the way this man acts in a crowd and acts the way he treats people, i bet that they would be calling president obama an angry black man. they would be saying that, well, president obama's not acting presidential. d
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